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  • Julia Ferreira

“Soul Searching”

This poem was originally published on The Pittsburgher’s predecessor, The Dog Door Cultural.

You can’t tell me we only experience this once

this slice of universal bliss we were all placed into

A white bird carrying us through the clouds upon a basket

A silk bow

A miracle gift and let her have blue eyes

for him, perhaps brown

You mean to tell me I only hold the hands of my love

for 100 years

I only get miniscule moments of smiles and iron deficient skin

My eyes could water the plants of millions

What should come next

A chapel cradles these answers or so we hope

God rejoice us

Allow us to come home

Or will we return some day we must ponder

I wish to know you father for centuries

Mother hold me as the child I am

Growth is frightening

when we are unaware of what succumbs

Rock me back and forth

Let me into her soul once more

I need the warmth of an October shower

I necessitate the cold tiled toes

The January blues and I miss her so much

How are we to only be once in a lifetime souls

I only know this small world as much as it knows me

-what comes after this?

Julia Ferreira is a 20 year old Journalism and Business student, from Ontario, Canada. Her writing focuses on the mysteries of life, and the questions we may ponder as we grow older.

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