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  • Scott Fitzgerald

“Sometime in the Morning”

This poem was originally published on The Pittsburgher’s predecessor, The Dog Door Cultural.

I’m a cut ribbon and I want to be

tied around your wound. But

you don’t have one and you’re

asleep now so I guess I’ll just

have to wait. Hopefully it will

be hot enough to go to Weissensee

today and we can swim naked

and drink clear wine. Neither

of us have ever known a curfew.

I’d say “perhaps our children will

never have to know one too” but

we already decided against kids. I

like how in the sun you tan so easy

and how your back feels like the pan

left on our new cooker. I like how you

constantly tell me you love summer.

Before you I never cared for it but

now that I’m with you, I suppose I do. ▲

Scott Fitzgerald is an Irish writer living in Berlin. He is currently working on his first collection of poems, entitled “feminine soldiers and masculine milkmaids.”

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