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  • Julia Ferreira


A poem by Julia Ferreira.

It wasn’t what you lost

That broke you

It was the inconsistency of longing for your consistency

The drought you would drown through to face my absence

The exhaustion of paying for your excuses

Entertaining the inevitable

Now I am left to clean up your mess

You tore the seams

Swore they were sewn tight from repercussions

With a new warmth upon my skin

The selflessness of straying from the cold for once in my life

Should you not celebrate in courtesy of myself

I deserved this

Didn’t I

It wasn’t what you lost

That broke you

It was the realization of the passing months

The regrowth of life that begins after you

It is beyond beautiful

Crisp air come the spring months

The innocence of a child's laughter

Do we not all long for this

Something so pure

After the storm


Julia Ferreira is a self taught poet from Sault Ste Marie, Ontario, Canada. Alongside her passion for poetry and writing, Julia is a University student completing a Business degree at Algoma University. Her passion for poetry stems from childhood, and writing about the experiences we endure in the stages of growing up.

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