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  • Bailey Caughey


A poem by Bailey Caughey

you’re like old music

coming in softly

from the radio

humming a sweet tune

harmonising with me

filling the room with a soft glow

that steady beat of your heart

i keep tempo with

swaying to the music of your soul

something sweet

and delicate

an old tune

weaved into your heart

i’ve missed you

singing me softly to sleep


take me by the hand

your warmth

seeping into my skin

melting the ice

around my heart

stay with me

i beg

dance with me

just a little bit longer

make me feel

like i’m flying

just a little bit longer

keep the cold away

just a little bit longer

the fire can’t warm me

the way you do

you’re my favorite song

that i never want

to end

Bailey Caughey is an undergraduate at the University of Edinburgh majoring in English and Scottish Literature. Her poetry focuses on pain, internalized struggles, and reconciliation.

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