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  • Spencer Mirabal


This poem was originally published on The Pittsburgher’s predecessor, The Dog Door Cultural.

No man

is allowed exemption from

cashing in on his

rewards punch card for

a few self-foreman’ed freebie

go-aheads to give

dry straight blade shaves to

prepubescent testicles

for being

patronizing and awful


but a


retrospective response

of this

heinous shit


not enough

the doufessness in bringing a

lukewarm damp towel

hours after the fact

to clean up a puddle of

sperm and blood

leaking out of

rotten refrigerated

bell pepper bodies




Wonder how that happened


I guess we’ll get ‘em

NEXT time, buddy boyz!!

Spencer Mirabal is a poet and filmmaker based in Austin, Texas. Other semi-artistic activities include meticulously curating seasonal Spotify playlists for his rabid 92 followers and tirelessly adjusting his fantasy basketball lineup.

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