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  • Spencer Mirabal

“Bone Marrow of a Vulture Carcass”

A poem by Spencer Mirabal.

So sorry

to be responding to you

years later

per your last email

in which you referred to me as

A bastard child

born synthetically

by lesbians

and I’m beyond sorry

that you seem to have forgotten

the era of your lifetime where you were

emboldened enough to ask me

How could you be a good enough

masculine example for my daughter

despite your different-than-normal upbringing

without a legitimate masculine example?

as if being born to two mothers

made me a

holographic hornet

a foreign threat

an unknown, endangering leukemia

you could fumigate out of existence

but while you were busy being comically evil

skimming the psalms you

secretly masturbate to

instead of failing to please your

Kirkland Signature™ sex doll wife

I am not sorry

to now tell you

I have been reconstructed by myself

without your gloopy hands

craning my limbs like a burgled action figure

in a prayer pose alongside you to your

saltine cracker Christ

I am now a

neon hyperloop train

powerful and unrelenting

if you ever try to shake my hand again

to slow me down

to sneakily assert your supremacy

I will careen right through every atom of you

I will pulverize you with a look

until you are nothing but

what you have always been

the bone marrow of a vulture carcass



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Spencer Mirabal is a poet & podcaster based in Austin, TX. His debut chapbook “Sweet Sad Sandal Boy” was published in 2019 by Lit City Press, and he currently co-hosts the comedy podcast “Murder, We Watched.” Other semi-artistic activities include meticulously curating seasonal playlists for his rabid 91 Spotify followers and tirelessly adjusting his fantasy basketball lineup.

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